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Viva concertino, Press agency : Full services, media relation expertise
Viva Concertino organize for you and with you, french press relations pertaining to performances in opera houses in France and throughout Western Europe. Our work is to assure constant multimedia communication for foreign artists such as Conductors, Singers, Musicians, and Dancers within the environment of opera, Classical Dance and Orchestral presentations.
Presses Relations and Public Relations

Our Agency is based on direct techniques which make it possible to answer quickly and effectively at the request of the artts, the opera and the institutions that we represent by one:
*Selection of the press titles for which informations are intended
*Appreciation of the needs for the journalists
*Checking and analyzes repercussion presses
*Control diffusion of information
*diffusion of information "to measure" according to the leading line of the targeted media

Martine Buéno Manager
We ensure the promotion of specific events for french or foreign artists

We bring our Knowledge to make the foreign artists who punctually occur in France or Europe and which wishes to profit from a valorization in the french and european multi-media press.

We organize the relations and the contacts between the foreign artists with the institutions, opera house, agents located in France and Europe
Press conference, press travel, organization of interviews. Contacts and negotiations with the journalits and the producer for recordings, TV and radio etc

Plan of communication
Promotional action
Media survey
Media advertising
Media planning
Purchase of advertizing spaces

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