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Press review season 2010-2011 - Jean-François Lapointe baryton
Don Giovanni - Avril 2011- Opéra de Marseille

jean Francois Lapointe Don Giovanni Marseille
La Marseillaise 16 avril 2011
Jean-Francois Lapointe, gluttonous and cynical....
.... The set is very sharply dominated by the couple : master /servant whom embody with a crazy charm, both baritones; < b > the Quebecois Jean-François Lapointe < / b > and the Austrian Josef Wagner. Lapointe, with a clear, well pulled voice, defends with a carnal conviction a gluttonous and cynical Don Giovanni. (Press Patrick de Maria-pictures Christian Dresse)

Jean Francois lapointe Don Giovanni Marseille Lustre
Sortir ici et ailleurs, 16 avril 2011

.. Like a great lord and a bad man, Jean-François Lapointe dominates the distribution without a shadow of a pride, presents us with a brilliant, of grand one singing lesson in sophisticated seduction, to the velvet stamp, and shows himself alternately arrogant of an irresistible at once strong and fragile sex appeal, an overwhelming, almost too authoritarian scenic presence. A vulgaris man simply. Who would complain about it? (Christian Colombeau)
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Sortir ici et ailleurs, Don Giovanni à Marseille

Le Blog de Benito Pelegrin, 19 avril 2011

... Don Juan ? it is Jean-François Lapointe ! We know and appreciates for a long time the high qualities of this baritone, complete artist. He plays the text and the music with subtlety. His voice seems to take the shadowy color of the hero in the grave without losing the courage of brilliant cock of arrogant treble. It is the predator but who will be taken when he believed to take.... But he throwswithout defect, the feverish madness of a "air of the champagne " brillantissime, plays the velvet of the seducer, crop and treats harshly Elvire, Leporello, Masetto, with the harshness and the brutality of this " great lord villain " for Molière, here big wildcat proud, wild, which throws gallantly an extraordinary of challenge to the Commander.

Pictures opéra de Marseille Christian Dresse

Les Troyens Deutch Oper Berlin décember 2010

Jean-Francois Lapointe  Chorèbe DOB Berlin 2010
Opéra-Cake- 11 décember 2010

I also liked Chorèbe by Jean-Francois Lapointe. He seemed perfectly at ease with the role. It suits his natural vocal range, and even though he had to step in and replace indisposed Markus Brück, he sang it in full voice, very convincingly, and with perfect scenic
Carmen Gran teatre del Liceu Barcelone Septembre et Octobre 2010

Jean Francois Lapointe escamillo (photo Liceu Barcelone)
Opéra-cake 3 Octobre 2010
Jean-François Lapointe is a very goog singer and excels when his musicality when employing the upper register of his voice.
Jean Francois Lapointe figé Don Giovanni

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