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Jean-François Lapointe, Don Giovanni Opéra de Marseille april 2011
Don Juan, it is the dreamed role?

It is an extraordinary role. A character in thousand
Facets. From my point of view, even if the music is sublime, even if it is the opera of Mozart that I prefer, it is at first the character who speaks to me and who calls me. There is like that, in the literature, roles which we never stop rediscovering and deepening(fathoming).
It is a luck(chance) to be able to confront with it
He does not amount in incorrigible one seductive?

It is the man who transports in him an immense suffering, a thirst of discovery. His life is only one leak forward which in a inevitable way precipitates him
towards the death, the atrocious death. Of course he likes seducing, he needs to seduce. It is visceral. Moreover he explains to the second act to Leporello how much the women are necessary for him. More that the bread which he eats, more that the air which he inhales. I think moreover that when he asserts that if he was faithful to a single woman, it would be cruel to the others, it is one of the rare moments when he is sincere. It is not a joke. For him it is almost a religion; it is as a matter of fact its cross to be carried(worn). He is completely conscious of his end and will never try to avoid his destiny.
How do you go to direct your performance?

I would like to highlight the black side of his character, his suffering which always shows through in his acts. It is as if he always tried to get closer to the death, a kind of announced suicide. And of course, all this in an almost courteous music, which imposes a precise style and a rigor from which we cannot shy away. It is all the challenge of the interpreter and the greatness of the live performance. This opera requires a large musical and vocal skills, and a large depth of interpretation . And as it is a large work, we have never stopped seizing all the sense with it. It is thus for the interpreter a research for the unlimited truth.

Interview by Sandro Piscopo-Reguieg
Photo droits réservés, Christian Dresse
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