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Auditorium Orsay's Museum : Brahms and Fauré will be in the center of the Season 2006-2007

Brahms and Fauré will be in the center of the season 2006-2007 by the Auditorium of the Orsay Museum

One season around 4 majors cycle of music. The Friends of Maurice Denis: Debussy, Chausson, Schumann and Schubert.
The resumption of the lyric spectacle, Pelléas et Mélisande de Claude Debussy.
Brahms and Fauré. 27 concerts around Brahms and Fauré. The reconstitution of the particulary french spectacle Le Chat Noir with in particular “the legendary Epopee” of Caran d' Ache.
\"Festival d\'automne à Paris\"

The Collaboration with the "Festival d'automne à Paris" continues this season with two concerts of piano devoted to the music of Hugues Dufourt. The museum of Orsay joins the ordering of the part for piano “Erlkönig” (Le Roi des Aulnes).Its music, of an extreme subtlety in the invoice and the expression, is presented with essential work of the XIXe century, The sonata op.106 "Hammerklavier" of Beethoven and the Sonata n° 3 opus 5 to Brahms
Cycle Maurice Denis and the music

Maurice Denis was always very close to the musical world. His friendship with Chausson, his affinity with the work of Debussy are only some examples which lead us to interest in its other choice musical in particular Schumann and Schubert. Illustration of musical theme in its frequent works and exchanges with the composeurs, the music was a source of inspiration essential at his work.
The cycle of this concerts recalls musical affinities of Maurice Denis through the melodies and Lieder, the chamber music and the opera.
“The music, more and more, has on my sensitivity a great capacity.”
Maurice Denis, (diary)
Pelléas and Mélisande de Claude Debussy Tuesday 7, Thursday 9, Saturday 11 and Tuesday November 14, 2006

Original version for piano song represented with the authorization of the Durand Editions.
Resumption of the creation of the museum of Orsay in June 2004.
Pelléas and Mélisande are a work which is directly related to Maurice Denis: he realised the decorations for the first production of the play of Maurice Maeterlinckin in the theatre de l'oeuvre of Lugné-Poe. This part evokes with wonder the artistic universe that the painter appreciate:
“… this poetry of the intuition (…), this of art to evoke and suggest, instead of telling and to say, this lyricism that the poets and the artists endeavoured to make pass in their works, in order to express more directly and more deeply mysteries of the sensitivity of the human heart (…)”
Maurice Denis, July 1923

Debussy was delighted by the buckled drama of mystery of Maurice Maeterlinck: he indeed sought a poetic work, in which the things are “known as with half”, allowing the music to be discrete and the actors to sing when "that the sorrow is worth" Cela en valait la peine . After nine years of work, the first representation of this lyric drama took place in the Opéra Comique in France in 1902. The version for piano, presented by the museum of Orsay, is seldom played. It amplifies the character intimist of this opera, top of the opera house of the twentieth century.

(picure partition of Pelléas et Melisande)
After sharp success met, this production of the auditorium of the museum of Orsay could be given to the Opera of Damas (first representation of Pelléas and Mélisande in the Arab world), in Ankara, Istanbul, with the Opera of Vichy and Rouen. It is presented with a new distribution which joins together around the director Vincent Vittoz, the baryton François Le Roux , Jean Fischer and Catherine Dune in the titles roles and Philippe Cassardat the piano.
Cycle Brahms – Fauré. Intégrale of works for chamber music with piano of January 9 - May 10, 2007

For this twentieth season in concerts to the museum of Orsay, a particular tribute is send to the two large representatives of the repertory of chamber music of the period of Orsay. This exceptional programming will make it possible to hear the entirety of the chamber music with piano and an integral of works for piano.
15 concerts of the evening and "Midi-trente" Twith Eric Le Sage, Paul Meyer, Lise Berthaud, Nicolas Dautricourt (picture), David Grimal, Mischa Maisky, Dashin Kashimoto, Itamar Golan…
Brahms strongly contributed to establish the chamber music like kind with share and it is often with him that one allots this form intimist of musical exchange.
Fauré is nourished of his writing but especially developed it during his time of maturity as the masterpieces testify some which are his single Trio and sound alone String quartet

The juxtaposition of works of Brahms and Fauré will make it possible to hear this secret dialog which exists between these two Masters of the chamber music.
The Weekend Brahms/Fauré, integral of works for piano March 10-11, 2007 (12 concerts)
with François-Frederic Guy, Philippe Cassard, Jean-Frederic Neuburger, Laurent Wagschal…
The integral of works for piano alone of Brahms and Fauré is presented,
Rare event, by respecting the chronology of works. This parallel approach makes it possible to reveal the esthetic advance of the two type-setters.
Twelve approximately 50 minutes old modules present, while alternating between Brahms and Fauré, the integral of their work for piano alone.
With the resulting one from the concert, the public will be able to meet the pianists within the framework of meetings debates.
Spectacle of shadow theater “Le Chat Noir” June 12-19, 2007 (5 representations)

In collaboration with the museum of the Army, the most famous masterpiece of "the Chat noir" this season will be presented: the legendary Epopee of Caran d'Ache. Realy technical turn of force, this work counts among most ambitious creations of Chat noir. This legendary Epopee will be accompanied, in addition to the songs and boniments, by several other works, in particular the
Presidential Voyage
and moon Lights of Henri Rivière.
A gallery devoted to zincs of the Chat Noir will be inaugurated soon.
With the assistance of the museum of the Army
Concerts of Lunch at 12h30 to October 3, 2006 - June 12, 2007 (19 concerts)

Maurice Denis, Brahms and Fauré, but also the French songs and the Chat Noir make party of the programming in the concerts of "lunch concerts". Young artists to be discovered and important Masters share this very broad repertory in some 50 minutes by concerts.

Cycle Maurice Denis and the music
October 3, 2006 - February 9, 2007

Cycle “the new talents of the piano”
21-28 novembre 2006

Cycle Brahms / Fauré
Intégrale des oeuvres for chamber music with piano
9 janvier - 24 avril 2007

Cycle chansons françaises
15 mai - 12 juin 2007
For this second season, Orsay’s auditorium goes to discovered from new talents. These three concerts invite to meet young pianists


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