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  Opéra de Massy  
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Opéra de Massy - South-Paris Opéra (France)

The Opera of Massy is a pleasant and modern architectural place founded and directed in 1993 per Jack-Henri Soumère. First structure in France which is a “lyric officially agreed scene, L’Opéra de Massy has a key position like a place of artistic production of reference and takes a large part in action of cultural development on the aera.
Resolutely modern room, it is integrated into the cultural center of arts in a place of 14200 m2. like this, together, the traditional rules of construction of the large scenes and the application of the advanced techniques as well at the architectural level as acoustic
Great repertory and modernity

Particularly anxious to make known to the public varied the history of the opera, l’Opéra de Massy resolutely modern place, is not attached less by it to the innovation. Der Fliegende Holländer, Carmen, Faust and Traviata are as many Lyriques productions which marked the history of this institution by her quality and the reception reserved by the public and the critic.
By allowing new roles to the young European artists, it attempts to make discover new the talents. Integrate in its programming of contemporary works, it favour a best diffusion of the forms and disciplines insufficiently put in valeur. To accommodating many artists in its various scene for the repetitions of new spectacles, it affirmed like a place of creation.

The Opera of Massy proposes to discover during its season of grand operas, regularly in coproduction with other large French scenes, dance with international ballets, and also in the concerts of classical musics and vocal as well as varieties and theater.
Prestige and accessibility

Like all the large opera houses, l’Opéra de Massy privileges the excellence of its programming and the quality of reception of its public, particularly anxious to make pass one evening of exception to each one of its spectators.
Opened on the city, the l’Opéra de Massy wishes to make fall the persistent prejudices on the opera, too often considered as an inaccessible art and elitist. The cultural action develops a dynamics of sensitizing with lyric art. It .develops, near the public the knowledge and the taste of the live show, initiating many publicity campaigns such as visits of the outside scene, repetitions public, debates, meetings with artists, conferences around the programming, concerts “out-the-walls”…
In favour of the staff, l’Opéra de Massy continues its actions near public specific: school establishments, academies and schools of art, work's councils, local missions, social centers, hospital, prisons, associations of insertion, houses of districts…
Notoriety and proximity

Atypical place, it knew to work a personality original, favour to programming of quality, respectful of the repertory and opened with contemporary creation. First structure with being labellisée by the State “officially agreed scene lyric” and member of the meeting of the Operas de France, it continues today like a place of artistic production of reference, accommodating each season nearly 40.000 spectators. Only Opera located in suburbs of Paris, the Opera de Massy offer the possibility to the local public to acced the lyric art. Each season, thousands of Massicois, Essonniens and locals of the southern area of Paris can discover the great lyric repertory, regularly proposed in coproduction with other large French scenes French and interpreted by international fame artists or promising young talents.

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